Artist: Inkfish
Title: How Can I Believe (Remixes)
Label: Acting Out Records
By: Colin C. | 26 June 2006
  • 1. Ozgur Can Mix
  • 2. Nils Noa Mix

Inkfish "How Can I Believe (Remixes)"

Out Now on Acting Out Records

The Inkfish boys have come a long way over the past years, moving from the harder styles we heard in the late 90's to crafting some nasty progressive grooves across their two labels. 'How Can I Believe' stands to be one of my favorite works from them, and now two years after it's release we get treated to a set of remixes that rekindles its fire.

On call for remix duties, Özgür Can and Nils Noa take the track in two separate directions. Özgür's remix kicks off the nostalgia with his signature super clean percussions and techy patterns complemented by an infectious bass line. Manipulated vocals sneak their way in and out of the groove, only really hinting at the original vocals as the track begins to drive forward. The production (as always) is spot on as Özgür retains the style that he has built a reputation around and shows that electro elements can have a place in the reinvention of what was once "progressive house".

A relative new comer, Nils Noa brings us the second mix. Here his mix bends towards the more traditional side as the mix kicks off with a house-y bass line and simple, yet effective percussive patterns. Nils also tosses in more of the original vocal, and along with an effective breakdown to help tie it back into the dreamy quality of the original. Building back out, the bass line carries throughout the rest of the track as he keeps the focus strongly on the groove. A fairly straightforward, yet effective mix.

These 2006 mixes fit well next to the darker, driving mixes of Martin H and Subway Baby off the original release and round things out nicely. I'm sure fans of all involved will be happy to add this to their collection and give them a new reason to hammer this one once again.

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