Artist: Infusion
Title: Do To You (In '82)
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 5 July 2004
  • A: Original Mix

Infusion "Do To You (In '82)"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Infusion's stock has skyrocketed considerably over the last few months, as they have confidently taken steps out of their native Australia and onto the world stage. Be it the UK, Japan, America or Europe - Infusion went, saw, and conquered on a seemingly non stop world tour that has well and truly sprung them into the spotlight. In addition to this, they have been hard at work on their second album, the follow up to their debut 'Phrases And Numbers' which came out in Australia a few years ago, and most recently did were the first group to do an Essential Mix for Radio One which contained nothing but their own productions - a retrospective of Infusion past to Infusion present and also Infusion future. One of the stand out tracks was undoubtedly this, the anthemic 'Do To You (In 82)'.

The big Infusion beats are present, as are the electronic sounds, but this hybrid of house and rock has been constructed with one thing firmly in mind - the dancefloor. From the infectious guitar stabs, to the looped 'if i could do to you..' vocal, it's hard not to get caught up in the mayhem right from the opening. In fact, as it kicks into gear, it compellingly lures you in and soon you are part of the lunacy. With enough rockstar influence to keep the boys happy, and a vocal hook that will get the nice girls (and the cruel ones) singing along. Infusion once again prove that you should never know what to expect from them, with the only constant being that their music rocks dancefloors - plain and simple.

Another massive club smash for Infusion, that will only be available on this limited release and not as part of the forthcoming album. With that in mind, head down to your local record emporium or online store and make sure you secure a copy as soon as possible.

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