Artist: Infusion
Title: Dead Souls / Troika
Label: Marine Parade Records
By: Simon Jones | 23 February 2003
  • A: Dead Souls
  • B: Troika

Infusion "Dead Souls / Troika"

Out Now on Marine Parade Records

Infusion are currently on fire. Be it the release of the superb Junkie XL remix of 'Legacy' on Audiotherapy, their jawdropping remix of 'Pagan Poetry by Bjork on RR1000 or any number of high profile remixes they have done for the likes of Main Element, Mangotrasher and many other artists, each has been received with accolades from far and afield. Now they return with their second 12" for the Marine Parade imprint, following on from previous single 'Starwater (It's Alright). Without futher ado they present to us 'Dead Souls'.

A heavy bassline forces it's way through the door as electro-esque synths trickle in and out of the intricate percussion being laid over the atmospheric and spacial groove. 'Dead Souls' is now underway, building and pulsating like a well oiled machine, the deep sounds draw you in as the bass rocks your soul, leading right up to the break, where thundereous sounds loom in the background, only to be drowned by the returning electro groove. Another slick, floor wrenching workout from the Infusion boys.

The b-side is, at it's basis, a remix of 'Dead Souls', but ended up being so different it's almost a new track in it's own right, hence the name 'Troika'. Taking all the best elements of the original and grinding them through this dark and dirty soundscape, the techy groove builds and builds, first in pace, then the dark beat that can be heard in the background gradually moves to the foreground of the sounds emerging, homing in on it's prey with Predator-like precision. This will creep up on you on the dancefloor and quite literally knock you for six.

So there it is. Another storming single fron Infusion, and a terrific start to the year for Marine Parade. Expect more quality like this over the coming months from both parties.

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