Artist: Igal Magitman
Title: Wusik Feeling
Label: Plastik Park
By: Simon Jones | 29 January 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: D-Nox & Beckers Mix

Igal Magitman "Wusik Feeling"

Out Now on Plastik Park

Igal Magitman is one half of the Israeli production outfit Brisker & Magitman alongside friend and fellow co-producer Roman Brisker. Collectively they've been very prominent in the last few months, with releases on labels that include Baroque Records, Twisted Frequency, and SOG Records to name but a few, but having previously worked on music in a solo capacity, Igal Magitman returns to his roots for the latest offering on German label Plastik Park.

The first observation about 'Wusik Feeling' would be that it's somewhat of a throwback to the "golden era" of progressive house music, with a considerably uptempo and pumping groove at the heart of the track. Vocal loops and string effects are used to set the mood, creating a sense of atmospheric unease that would fit those dark 3am sets perfectly. Whilst it's nothing that hasn't been heard before, it's one of those versatile tracks that is always handy to have stored somewhere in the record box, and whilst not likely to set the world on fire, is a decent offering all the same.

The 'D-Nox & Beckers Mix' surprisingly sticks to a fairly similar template, rather than venturing down their usual path. Side by side, both mixes seem to do the same thing, with only a change up in the mid section where some reverb action and effected stabs are brought into the equation. Not particularly the best remix from the Germans, but like it's a-side counterpart, it's sure to find favour with some DJs out there.

'Wusik Feeling' kicks off 2007 for the Plastik Park label, and highlights Igal Magitman's capability as a solo producer. Whilst the ideas presented aren't entirely new, overall the record is a competent mid set piece and is likely to find support for that reason. With a new release from Kosmas Epsilon coming soon, this is something to definitely look forward to as the label embarks on the new year.

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