Artist: Hydroponix
Title: Dont Stop Go
Label: Little Mountain Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 4 September 2004
  • A: Mirabeau Mix
  • B: Mirabeau Dub

Hydroponix "Dont Stop Go"

Out Now on Little Mountain Recordings

From Liverpool come Hydroponix, the production duo of Colin Airey and Rob Jay who having both been involved with the music scene for a number of years have really come up with something special here with 'Dont Stop Go'. Also producing as Mirabeau, the duo have enjoyed success on labels such as Big Love and Oxyd, but its this track that's by far their biggest, building a steady buzz amongst the scene's usual suspects and tastemakers in the last few months.

The 'Mirabeau Mix' starts in with great tribal drums and builds into more percussion with claps, scratching sounds, and shakers bringing in a groove. Bubbly sounds hide behind the beats, while a huge wafting layer of sound rushes over and drops into a bassline. The driving bottom end keeps things moving, while a looped vocal sample demands you to stop and listen to his "raw power". As the whole tune stops up, the sample takes the lead building a massive swirling peak of trippy swirling synth sounds and delayed vocal bits, which slams back into the beats and rides the funky groove all the way out.

The 'Mirabeau Dub' is a techy monster full of hard stabs and techy drums. Lots of percussion starts things right, with loads of fills, scratches, effects, and rolls. The vocal sample comes in behind the beats and drops all the sound down into silence. Galloping bass explodes out of the silence and a cheeky hook bounces up and down like a ball moving the song along. Slicing dark stabs cut into the beats and become the focus of this version, with their sassy tone and aggressive feel. The samples come on at sporadically and mix perfectly with the stabs and drums, creating a heavy but bouncy ending to a really groovy tune.

With huge dj support for this track already well documented, and an established back catalogue of releases for both producers, it's safe to say that 'Dont Stop Go' and is quite possibly not only their finest work, but perhaps the finest release yet on Sander Kleinenberg's steadily growing label.

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