Artist: Hydrogen Rockers
Title: Burnin' Up
Label: Plastica
By: Simon Jones | 22 May 2003
  • A: Excursion 1
  • B: Excursion 2

Hydrogen Rockers  "Burnin' Up"

Out Now on Plastica

Back when 'Musica' was released Hydrogen Rockers were just fresh faced newcomers, but in the two years since the duo have gone on to huge success alongside Steve Smith as Dirty Vegas, whom with the Mitsibushi assisted hit 'Days Go By', edged their way into the minds of people both sides of the Atlantic. Understandably, they have been a bit distracted as a result, hence the follow up to 'Musica' has long been overdue. But 'Burnin Up' finally arrives, but the question is, does it manage to follow in the footsteps of its predecesor which is still Plastica's biggest selling single to date? Let the analysis commence..

Dark echoing stabs and a shaking groove take us on 'Excursion 1' as it begins it's journey, pulsating synths drilling away as the bass unfolds. A murmuring voice slips through the tight compacted punch of the beats on occasion, rattling percussive layers breaking through into an echoing cavern before the excavation continues to bore a hole in the dancefloor.

'Excursion 2' follows suit but takes things deeper, slipping in a bouncing b-line, stretching out the beats to create a nice alternative mix for the head nodding crowd, and adding some variety to the package.

Not quite up there with 'Musica' but it aint that bad and you could do far worse then to slip this bombastic lil 12" into your box.

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