Artist: Hybrid
Title: True To Form
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 August 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: John Creamer & Stephane K Mix

Hybrid "True To Form"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

It's been several years since 'Wide Angle' first hit the shelves, and in the time since, all we've had in the way of new material are two sampler 12" singles, featuring such tracks as 'Visible Noise' and 'Gravastar'. Now with the second album 'Morning Sci Fi' due to be released soon, we are treated to the first single proper from the album. 'True To Form' showcases the new direction Hybrid have headed in with the new album, and features bass guitar from one of the music industry's finest. none other than New Order's Peter Hook.

The haunting strings and filtered beats that have become a sure way of associating a track with Hybrid lead us down into the main section of the 'Original Mix' , with the vocals of new group member Adam Taylor adding a new dimension to the old traditional vibe of the track. This coupling proves a tight match, but it's the added bass from Hooky that proves the difference maker, although the 'New Order sound' then overshadows everything else, and you could easily forget that it's Hybrid.

A surprise comes on the b-side as 'John Creamer and Stephane K' provide their own take on the track, opting for a more downtempo edged vibe, and using strings to create an aural score that wouldn't be out of place in the theme of a James Bond movie. letting the vocals of Adam Taylor take centre stage. Deep beats and weaving percussion add tension to the strings, and this moody downbeat mix is a far cry from the plodding tribal that many people associated with Creamer and K, and shows how the duo's sound has evolved since their remix of Kosheen's 'Hide U' all that time ago now.

Both mixes are well produced, but the bass of Peter Hook overshadows most of the work in the original, leaving you confused as to who this could be if you were none the wiser that it's Hybrid. A luke warm return, but I am sure that more is to come, with addition remixes also rumoured to appear at some point.

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