Artist: Hybrid
Title: The Formula Of Fear
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Ryan Simoneau | 30 September 2008
  • Original Mix
  • Grafiti Mix
  • Hybrid Mix
  • Steam Punk Mix
  • Uberzone Vocal Mix
  • Uberzone Dub Mix
  • Long Range Mix
  • Instrumental Mix
  • Uberzone Radio Edit
  • Glenn Morrison Mix
  • Grafiti Dub
  • Acapella
  • Armchair Mix
  • Armchair Instrumental Mix

Hybrid "The Formula Of Fear"Hybrid "The Formula Of Fear"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

After 2006’s “I Choose Noise”, Hybrid vowed their next material would incorporate more of a “live band” sound that resulted from their 2007 tour. Now, Hybrid return with the first fruits of what their next album may bring with the single “Formula of Fear”. Recorded last year and a firm festival favourite, Hybrid has unleashed their latest siren, Charlotte James, who brings her angelic vocals to the tune.

“Formula of Fear” sees Hybrid’s trademark breaks/house beats hit hard over one of their dirtiest bass lines yet. Ominous piano notes echo at the start as Hybrid’s trademark strings enter before giving way to a “rock'n'roll” bass line. Charlotte James has the perfect voice to front a track of this nature, her vocals soar but also still sound tough as well. A cross between Kirsty Hawkshaw and Chrissie Hynde if you ask me. Mike and Chris have crafted another epic tune but one that does capture the “live” Hybrid sound quite well. I will be anxious to hear more productions backed by the live band in the future for sure.

The Graffiti mix of the tune goes the minimal route and quickly loses everything about what makes the original so special. I’m sure there’s a place out there for this but Hybrid are more maximal then minimal, so it just doesn’t fit.

Hybrid themselves turn out the best mix of the bunch which is no surprise. They’ve reworked the track into a pounding dub that packs a filthy bass line that will have you cranking up this tune. Showcased on their “Soundsystem 01” compilation, this was one of the standout cuts on that release and here is the crown jewel in the remix package. This should keep plenty of dance floors rocking in the coming months.

The Steam Punk remix goes the electro route and strips away much of the melody. Packed with plenty of bleeps, squiggles and chopped up vocals, this will certainly appeal to anyone who likes their tunes on the electro tip. Again, for me, this takes away from what I liked about the tune in the first place but with electro currently as the genre of choice, this should go down a treat with the electro massive.

Uberzone is drafted to drop an electro-breaks rework and also a dub as well. This is a solid mix that keeps the template of the original but gives it an extra electro kick. I much prefer the vocal version to the dub, as Charlotte’s voice keeps things interesting but if you like your tunes vocal free, you’ll love the dub.

Longrange return Hybrid’s recent remix favour and deliver a pumping techno remix that is very down and dirty. Cut up vocals and lots of added effects help this one deliver the goods. Phil Hartnoll’s new project is quickly making a name for themselves and this remix should only enhance their profile.

Finally, rising star Glenn Morrison gives the track his progressive breakbeat magic and is also another highlight in this package. Anyone nostalgic for the breakbeat craze of the early part of the decade can sink their teeth into this one.

Once again, Hybrid delivers a great tune. While this doesn’t break any new ground in the Hybrid formula, there’s definitely a more organic feel to this track and really reminds me of their exceptional live show. The remixes are hit or miss, with the Hybrid mix being the best of the bunch, hands down. If “Formula of Fear” is an early indication, Hybrid’s next album might be their magnum opus.

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