Artist: Hybrid
Title: Y4K
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 September 2004
  1. Hybrid - The Drop (Man On Fire Edit)
  2. Forme - Let It All Out (Tigerstyle)
  3. Dylan Rhymes - The Way (Evil 9 Mix)
  4. Hi-Fi Bugs - The Knife Drawer (Ryeland Allison Edit)
  5. Easy B - Found The Gonzo
  6. Future Sound Of London - My Kingdom (Part 4)
  7. Hybrid - In Good We Trust (Soundtrack Edit)
  8. Gus Gus - David (Luke Chable Mix)
  9. Nectarios - Phoenix (Vigi & Nectarios Mix)
  10. Andy Page & Lee Burridge - Why Are All The Pretty Ones Insane?
  11. Dust Brothers - Chemical Beats
  12. Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo 8 Mix)
  13. Hybrid - Blackout (Hybrid Mix)

Hybrid "Y4K"Hybrid "Y4K"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

Following on from the Y3K concept laid down by DJ Hyper, Distinctive Breaks Y4K series has played host to some of the finest and most respected names in the breaks scene. Starting with Tayo (who has since done a second volume in the series), and over the years showcasing the skills of Koma & Bones, Freq Nasty and Ils to name but a few, each album has helped to take the breakbeat sound 'Further Still', and to the 'Next Level', but many have always wondered why Distinctive's own Hybrid have never featured on the series. Well wonder no more, as the eighth volume of the Y4K sees Chris Healings & Mike Truman, the boys from Swansea in South Wales

As one might expect, this mix contains several exclusives from Hybrid themselves, 'The Drop' a moody introduction to what is to follow, with Forme's 'Let It All Out' quickly shifting the tempo of the mix up a few notches, rocking guitar hooks and hard hitting drum patterns the perfect start to this gritty and upbeat CD. Indeed, during the compilation of this album, it's clear to see that Hybrid called upon some of the finest producers in the breaks scene, with Evil Nine making an appearance with their equally as rocking remix of Dylan Rhymes latest single 'The Way'. Coupled with a new Hi-Fi Bugs track 'The Knife Drawer', re-edited here by acclaimed engineer and long time friend of Hybrid's, Ryeland Allison, and Hybrid are already taking no prisoners, having rocked the fuck out already and still less than halfway through the mix.

With the classic breakbeat version of Future Sound Of London's 'My Kingdom' making an appearance, Chris & Mike really go to town, adding effects and overlays into the mix, the new Hybrid track 'In Good We Trust' being used as a bridge between this classic track and Luke Chable's twisted interpretation of the Gus Gus track 'David'. As the vocal of 'My Kingdom' fades into the classic strings of 'In Good We Trust' that trademark Hybrid touch rears it's head, but this is short lived as the next few tracks see Hybrid take the experimental route, further than they even explored on their second album 'Morning Sci Fi'. From the heavy rolling bassline of Nectarious 'Phoenix', reworked here in grand style with the help of Vigi, through to the dubbed out dirty beats of 'Why Are All The Pretty Ones Insane', a collaboration between Lee Burridge and long time breaks fiend and uber producer Andy Page, Hybrid deliver a mix that constantly evolves. each track bringing a different sound or twist to the overall mix, and tracks from old school electronic acts The Chemical Brothers and Orbital only server to bring some melody and emotion to this dark and gritty album, with Hybrid's own update of their 'Blackout' track providing the grand finale. The subtle mood of the original is forgotten as Kirsty Hawkshaw's vocal is submerged into a bed of big beats and melodies, and provides a dramatic conclusion to this surprisingly good mix.

Whilst Hybrid fail to equal the quality of some of the series' earlier volumes, they do manage to capture that Hybrid DJ experience in a big way, and if you've never seen them at a club, either on the decks or performing live, then this album is a great place to start and gives you snapshot of what these two fun lovin' criminals from the welsh coast are all about.

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