Artist: Hybrid
Title: I Choose Noise (Remixes: Part One)
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Antonella Sirec | 1 June 2007
  • A: Last Man Standing (Group Therapy Mix)
  • B: Until Tomorrrow (Stefan Anion & Starfire 'Surviving Another Day' Mix)

Hybrid "I Choose Noise (Remixes: Part One)"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

As a reviewer, it's sometimes easier to sit down, listen to a release and then find the words that hopefully convey my appreciation or, at times, dislike of the sounds that I'm hearing. I can only imagine that as producer being given the task of remixing one or a number of tracks from a particular artist can either be easy or difficult depending on the level of experience at hand. Furthermore, I would hate to be put in a position where I'm given the opportunity to remix a track that really needs no reworking whatsoever as it was always great to begin with. The release of Hybrid's 'I Choose Noise' Remixes package is, from my perspective, a perfect example of how two distinct tracks such as 'Last Man Standing' and 'Until Tomorrow' can be remixed with one being a great success while the other left me scratching my head and wondering what went wrong.

I can honestly say that seeing Group Therapy's name attached to remix duties for any release always gets me excited and their remix of Hybrid's 'Last Man Standing' is no exception. This particular track was one of my favourites on Hybrid's recent long player, 'I Choose Noise'. With this new remix, Group Therapy has turned it into a tougher, underground progressive composition that's going to work a treat in a club environment. From inception, the track builds and builds with varying layers of melody and sound effects added at specific points. But it’s the consistent use of that acid tinged bass line through the duration of the track that completely makes this remix work so successfully. Still present are the trademark atmospheric synths that Hybrid are famous for but Group Therapy have taken this track and really made it their own. This is one of the best remixes I've heard in a long time and it only makes me wish that all remixes were this good. I can't stop listening to this and I never tire of hearing that bass line.

Those that know me well know how much of a fan I am of not only Hybrid but also of John Graham aka Quivver so much so that I pretty much view both parties as Gods amongst mere mortals. As such, last year I found myself literally squealing like a prepubescent at the prospect of these two collaborating on a track for a new Hybrid album. This of course turned out to be 'Until Tomorrow' which for me was another highlight of 'I Choose Noise'. This particular track had all the elements I like in a melodic yet down tempo track with the added bonus of John Graham on vocals. His vocals alone turn me knees into jelly. So it was with some trepidation that I sat down to listen to the Stefan Anion & Starfire 'Surviving Another Day' Mix. This was always going to be a difficult tune to remix and unfortunately, this remix is a letdown as it delves into a progressive breaks sound that I feel is quite dated. Even moreso, I found the continual use of delays and stuttered effects to be perpetually annoying especially since John's vocals do not need to be stuttered in any way whatsoever. Overall, I found this rendition to be disjointed as it started as one thing and seemed to end as something else. This could have been something quite dynamic but the end result is quite flat.

Of the two remixes in this 'I Choose Noise' package, the Group Therapy is by far the standout and the one that I would recommend to anyone. It's just a brilliant piece of dance music that sees Dave Seaman and Stel take a much loved Hybrid track and rework it into a piece of dance floor magic. It's just a shame that the accompanying remix for 'Until Tomorrow' isn't anywhere near that level of quality and as a whole, lets down what could have been a very exciting remix package.

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