Artist: Housetrap
Title: The Way
Label: Love Distortion
By: Colin C. | 7 January 2006
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Housetrap Mix
  • B2: Filterheadz Mix

Housetrap "The Way"

Out Now on Love Distortion

Bart Grinaert should be no stranger to anyone who’s followed this Dutch producer and his many monikers, chances are you've heard one of Bart's productions on a Cream compilation or blasting through a club system somewhere. Just recently Bart has teamed up with fellow producers Filterheadz to launch the new Love Distortion imprint, and the trio have worked together before with their cross over dance pop project 'Kira' so its no surprise to find them putting their heads together for this new endeavor.

'The Way' finds Bart heading down a steamy electro route on the original mix. Chocked full of squelchy riffs and driven by a sugar coated bass line, its obvious that this track is aimed at the dance floor. Bright synth arps build on top of the main bass riff and help cement the tracks appeal for the masses as the short vocal hook is tweaked and filtered over the top.

Housetrap's own remix as well as a Filterheaz interpretation graces the B-side of this release, and they both add some needed dimension the original seems to lack. The Housetrap mix is a bigger, intense affair where the bass line is replaced with a pumping resonating sub bass that screams its way into the track. All the elements of the original are in place here but kicked up a few notches, which out does the original on many levels for me. The filterheadz mix rounds out the B-side with a mix that hones in on the groove and twists it around with tighter rhythmic elements and a more driving tech-y approach that the boys are known for.

A solid effort for Bart and the new label, they have packaged a release that will sure to find support from numerous DJs as both Bart and Filterheadz have quite a strong following. What's next is anyone's guess, but if they follow suit from these first two releases, Love Distortion is sure to have a bright future.

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