Artist: Holden
Title: A Break In The Clouds
Label: Border Community
By: Chloe Harris | 5 August 2003
  • A1: Main Mix
  • A2: Fluffapella
  • B1: Beats Tool
  • B2: Ambient Version

Holden "A Break In The Clouds"

Out Now on Border Community

James Holden is back with another doozy of a tune. Crisp drums collide with a scrumptious, bubbly melody, whilst a thunderous bassline kicks you in the stomach. His sounds are different from others, and his melodies capture time. ‘A Break In The Clouds’ is no different, gaining early support from the biggest names in the business, he gives us a lovely piece of material to kick off his newly formed Border Community label.

The ‘Main’ mix starts with a tight drums kick and an electro styled bassline. The high hats start in. Stutter edits and tons of crazy edits change the highs up and create a challenging listening experience. The snare comes in, and the beats start moving and building up to some electro sounds. The electro sounds pull the track further. They change slightly, and continue moving throughout the drums. A plucking tone starts in becoming longer and louder as it grows. Trippy effects swirl around us, as little melodic beeps are hidden in the background. Slowing down into a pulsing bass, we pop into explosive heavy sound that engulfs the whole tune. The melody starts in building from the pulse, up into a rush of pretty, warm arpeggiated sounds. We stop for another quick break, and into a loud twisted sound. It’s very metallic, but fit’s perfectly in there with the main synth. Floaty harmonies fall in the depth of the track, as we keep moving through the sounds of ‘A Break In The Clouds’. Brilliant tune.

The ‘Ambient’ mix starts with light beats. The thump of the bassline comes in pulsing. Machine like chugging comes underneath. Slowly the tones start in. The beautiful plucked arpeggiator takes hold. We stop off to hear the chirping birdie sounds, and then enter a bass thump. Sound moves through your speakers, side to side. Another tone starts in from the background. They then move together in harmony. It’s beautiful. This is a very mellow bit, that has light beats, and could be worked into a breaks set, downtempo set, or used as a tool for those who can.

The ‘Beats Tool’ starts again with low bass thump, and goes a bit funkier, and focus’ on the bassline. A kick comes in, nice and thick, as other drums start adding to it. The drums sound like clock part components more here, then in any other version. The edits and stutters are there, and the bassline changes into a very thick, rapidly moving electro beast. There’s definitely a more techno influence in this track with lots of little whistle sounds, and beeps, and a dark funkiness.

The ‘Fluffapella’ starts out with the melody. A light delayed tone takes the background. Starts building, and then fades away inside a filter.

James’ label Border Community is off to an amazing start. It will have a focus on dance music, as well as capture some of the more leftfield sounds he’s grown to love, with some great new artists, as well as some well established artists for good measure. A label to watch carefully over the coming months.

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