Artist: Hiratzka & Kazell Feat Shirli McAllen
Title: Venice Dawn
Label: Alternative Route
By: Jason Calvert | 8 October 2005
  • A: Instrumental Mix
  • B: Paradise Soul Mix

Hiratzka & Kazell Feat Shirli McAllen "Venice Dawn"

Out Now on Alternative Route

Mike Hiratzka and Kevin Bazell are no newbies to the scene. Hirtazka has over 17 years of experience within the scene, and Kazell has been spinning since the early nineties, even alongside such names as Sasha and Digweed. Venice Dawn has no trouble in setting up a blissful atmosphere, and bring in Paradise Soul for some treatment on the flipside and the results are highly satisfying.

The Instrumental Mix sets up some tight percussion and a positive bassline. A tough guitar hook takes the lead, and is backed up by a plethora of complementing effects. All put together these form a very solid and tightly put together composition, where the overall coherence is very notable.

But the highlight of the release is certainly on the flipside. Mike Monday has always boasted a unique style with his productions, and teamed up with Stretch here to form the Paradise Soul outfit, we have yet more quality which has come to be expected from his work. Taking an "alternative route" to the flipside, we have a housed up interpretation, boasting some killer strings and an overall groove which will most certainly induce a feeling of nostalgia amongst veteran clubbers. I can tell you from experience that dropping this one during the peaking moments of a house set causes a massive reaction from the crowd. If you are looking for something to work the crowd and get the energy flowing, you have a definite winner here.

Once again, Alternative Route provide a release which will have widespread appeal due to the differences in style between mixes. Hopefully the inclusion of the Paradise Soul Mix will introduce progressive lovers to a housier sound, and the likewise with the reverse. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a need for diversity these days, and it is releases like this which will certainly help the cause.

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