Artist: Hiratzka & Joe C
Title: Show U The Way
Label: Open Up Recordings
By: Nick Williams & Brandon Wade | 21 December 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Chris Micali Mix

Hiratzka & Joe C "Show U The Way"

Out Now on Open Up Recordings

The next outing on the Portuguese label Open Up run by DJ Seph, sees him enlist the talents of two Florida residents, Mike Hiratzka & Joe C. By the influences that these two have, one would think that they would create something that would ride that fine line between house, breaks, trance, and techno. By the looks of what they came up with, it sounds more like a prog-house throwback to a 2000 trance cut. Boston's Chris Micali steps in to provide a much needed boost, taking this track from mediocrity to something to ignite the floors.

Filtered drums open this track with a very driving feel accentuated with a metallic snare. Dubby effects introduce the groovey bassline and a man tells us to "take a trip". Bleeps and various sounds fill in the gaps. The samples in this are very old and we could swear we have heard these samples as far back as some Expeditions from Sasha & Digweed. An arpeggiated synth line is introduced and carries the song on from there. Gratey fills break up the loops along with swirls and delayed stabs. Breakbeats enter in the breakdown and that synth line is effected more and elaborated on, yet by this time it has already lost our interest. Thank god there is no flanger.

Chris Micali brings us the remix to this release. Micali has been producing for quite a while, with releases on a slew of labels, yet we think his most notable release being a bootleg of Depeche Mode. Chris brings his trademark bouncy shifty driving bassline to this one as well. The percussion is very punchy, and the bassline screams for a sweaty dancefloor. That synth line is toned down a bit from the original, and is panned around, making it very atmospheric. An echoed vocal permeates the cool atmosphere that is created with long drawn-out chords and eventually states "I can show u the way". A lot of those same old sounds from the original are used…but in a different way, as he turns them into his own. Dub-like effects are used throughout the breakdown and into the remainder of the track.

We must say Chris Micali has created a great remix to a somewhat average original version. If you are a fan of his driving, percussive affairs, you should definitely check this one out. With some great material on the way, DJ Seph seems to aim to up the ante with every release on the label. Look out for new Descent material, as well as a crackin' Rhythm Code remix for Chris Loppis' new single 'Diz E Moi' very soon.

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