Artist: Highrollerz
Title: Highrollerz / Macaroon
Label: Mechanism Records
By: Simon Jones | 18 April 2003
  • A: Highrollerz
  • B: Macaroon

Highrollerz "Highrollerz / Macaroon"

Out Now on Mechanism Records

The Mechanism boys have long held a relationship with Hungary, having brought artists such as Julez to us previously, as well as running radio shows and djing over there on many occasions. It was quite likely there that they met DJ Kuhl, one of the country's top djs and now that he has been in the studio with studio whizz Shootie to write some material as Highrollerz, it's only apt their first tracks come to Mechanism for release.

Heavy beats drive hard into the groove as 'Highrollerz' unfolds. Tight percussion loops, moving forward as odd vocal samples rise out of the groove, sound almost like a train rattling to it's next destination, with a constant energy being maintained throughout. Dropping into a large break before the final stompin groove.. it's time put on your snorkel because this is deep!.

'Macaroon' is the total opposite, leaning towards the more melodic side of house. Upbeat percussion and a big bassline lead us in before layers of melodic chords slide in, harmonizing in key with the beats as they drift along. Warm sounds add to the atmospheric groove and it all builds to a subtle yet powerful climax which would work well early in a set. Something slightly different from the Mechanism camp but a welcome change all the same.

Having diversified it's ideas and direction in recent months Mechanism continues to showcase some of the finest talent from Europe and the further reaches of the world, and this is no exception.

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