Artist: Highland
Title: No Way Out
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 25 October 2003
  • A: Highland Vocal Mix
  • B: Mark & Paul Dicristo In & Out Of Therapy Mix

Highland "No Way Out"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

The delay behind the release of Highland's 'No Way Out' has almost been equal to that of Sasha's album. With a limited release on Vapour Recordings back around 2000, where big support from Paul Oakenfold and Dave Seaman ensued. However, numerous delays, label politics and switches have dictated that the track has never seen a full release - until now that is. In it's original form, the limited release has been highly sought after, going for hundreds of dollars on bidding site Ebay. However, to ensure the track is brought into the here and now, there are new mixes. Finally it's here, but was it worth the wait?

The driving progressive groove of the 'Original Mix' will no doubt be recognisable to many, with it's moody vocal fills, laser synths and melodic stabs all slotting into a moody, driving bassline. The drops break up the groove nicely, with the subtle drops and effects creating a sound that whilst not quite the sound of now, still makes this something you could drop into a set early in the morning as a builder, and the vocal led outro still sounds as good as it ever did, but overall the track does show it's age.

The DiCristo brothers Paul and Mark update the original with their 'In & Out Of Therapy Mix' over on the b-side, utilising a huge bassline that rolls along like a steamroller, big synth stabs and a deep melodic line that rises during the main section of the track adding to the big room flavour of this mix. Quick key change s make for a very interesting bassline effect under the vocal, before the track shifts into a groove led direction, very reminiscent of work by Blackwatch with it's big beats and synth lines. A vocal solo graces the uplifting break

For what could have been something long past it's sell by date, the single manages to hold enough appeal with it's great production, and with the added update from the DiCristo brothers, there should be at least one mix here that you will enjoy, and if not, there's always the remix disc..

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