Artist: Hellpass
Title: Twister (Noel Sanger Mix)
Label: M Theory Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 August 2005
  • 1. Noel Sanger Mix

Hellpass "Twister (Noel Sanger Mix)"

Out Now on M Theory Records

Over 18 months have passed since Jonathan Lisle's M Theory label first launched, and in that time the label has brought new talent such as Jacob Todd and Adam Dowding into the spotlight, in addition to being able to call upon established names like Luke Chable and Forme to help cement the label's standing within the dance scene. In the space of six releases a wide range of musical styles have been covered, and whilst many have indeed been the personal dancefloor weapons of Mr Lisle himself, the support each release has attained has grown and grown, featuring on the play lists of many of the scene's key players.

Of course, as time goes by, there are changes, and if there's one change that's become a predominant part of the dance scene in the last year or so, it's the growth of the market for digital distribution, and the seventh release on the M Theory label sees them enter the digital realm for the first time with the release of Noel Sanger's much anticipated remix of 'Twister' by Hellpass.

If you've heard any of Noel Sanger's breakbeat projects, you'll have a fair idea of what to expect, and as per usual he does not disappoint one bit with this down and dirty rework. With a bassline that threatens to rip out your soul, and intricate layers of twisted beats that edge their way into your subconsciousness, this mix takes no prisoners.

when the stutter edits and ethereal vocal lead rise through the mix, it's enough to send a shiver down the spine, in a way that seems to happen more infrequently than not these days, and whilst the progressive breaks scene has had its fair share of stick for being too deep and intelligent, it's tracks like this that put the 'peak' back into peak time.

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