Artist: Hellpass
Title: Spin
Label: Vinyl Vice
By: Simon Jones | 11 November 2004
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: DJ Vox Tool
  • B1: KVK Mix

Hellpass "Spin"

Out Now on Vinyl Vice

After a period of dormancy, Hellpass is in a midst of a return to the scene, and this is the first of several new singles he has lined up for the coming months. Having been involved in the scene from a young age, he has found himself on some of the scene's best labels and in addition to his own Hellpass label, Vinyl Vice has become another outlet for his music, and his latest offering 'Spin' is something a little different than you'd expect.

A deep, throbbing bassline takes us right into the heart of the 'Original Mix', with Hellpass throwing in some cool percussive rhythms early on, building a tight and twisted loop that will soon have you wigging out, whilst the moody sounds and melodies add some depth and punch to the overall sound. A slight old school influence with the way the vocal weaves in and out of the track, but this is by no means a bad thing, and for what it is, this is a fairly decent track from Hellpass, though perhaps not quite up there with his best.

'KVK' provide a floating house mix that pumps away at a smooth constant pace, with it's focus being on big key arrangements and rolling bass, yet at the same time keeping some of the original's depth intact. Subtle ambience fills out the groove, but whilst the mix sounds big, you expect it to explode and it doesn't, making this slow burner of a mix one that fizzles out rather than ignites.

After an almost faultless and consistent start to the label, 'Spin' doesn't quite match the caliber of previous offerings on the Vinyl Vice label, and when all is said and done Hellpass proves he is capable, though the supporting mixes and tools leave this as a filler record for those looking for something other than the big melodic tracks that seem to be all the rage these days.

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