Artist: Hellpass
Title: Reviver 2003
Label: Gravitation Records
By: Chloe Harris | 2 July 2003
  • A1: Hellpass Breaks Mix
  • B1: Trey Smith Mix
  • B2: Homer & Lazon Mix

Hellpass "Reviver 2003"

Out Now on Gravitation Records

Andrew Byrne aka Hellpass has been making tunes for quite some time now. Between running his own label, Hellpass Records, to creating tunes, he's been quite the prolific name in the scene. His release 'Reviver' first showed up back in 2000. Now with some newly reworked versions, 'Reviver' is back, and is ready to be caned on floors all over the world. Trey Smith, a lovely bloke who makes futurist progressive tech house, is on remix duties as well as Homer and Lazon, who change 'Reviver' into a electro workout.

The A-side is 'Hellpass' Breaks 2003 mix'. A thick and devastating break beat takes over the scary voices. Twisted background sounds swirl in time, and are followed by an upsweeping synth. A vocoded voice comes in, taking us further, and then plopping us into a short break. The breaks hit again as some snyth stabs start to build around the percussion. Already at another break, we drop off into a bubbling, evil atmosphere. Voices move all around, as the beats start to build again. The bassline is dirty underneath, and takes us to the end. A dirty little breakbeat number, with a very tech driven vibe.

Trey Smith is a great producer from Georgia. Known for his own techy progressive tunes, he puts a spin on the mix. Bouncy 4/4 drums start as out, as a bit of tripped out, vocal layering starts in. An airy synth line moves on top, as the drums continue to build. Nice heavy stabs fall down through the beats, as we make our way to the break. There, the bent vocal effects start twisting backwards, and are shot right into an electro styled break beat. Building back to the 4/4, but still keeping it breaky till the end. This is a great remix, and will work in so many places.

Homer & Lazon hail from Sweden, and also record Psytrance under the moniker Tegma. For this remix the scale the sounds down, and create a very electro type tune. Starting with very techy drums and high hats, and subtly moving into some long synth patches. The bassline starts building underneath; it's bubbly, and works into a nice groove. There's a bit of a disco element in this tune, as the pads are soon turned into an arpeggiated part. The arpeggiation moves up and down, and all around, then some trippy water effects come in. A very nice bubbly mix.

This is a total package for breakbeat fans, for techy fans, and progressive fans. Hellpass creates a visually distinct tune, and this marks another great record to come out on Gravitation. Well done.

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