Artist: Hellpass
Title: Growler
Label: Gravitation Records
By: Chloe Harris | 19 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mood Society Mix

Hellpass "Growler"

Out Now on Gravitation Records

A name that has been around the dance scene for 5 years or more, Hellpass is back with a big storming progressive track. With support from the big guns, and a huge reputation for remixes and songs, Hellpass is in top form and delivers 'Growler'; a dark and sinister club track built for a main floor backed with tight production, trippy sounds and sweeping synths. Mood Society groove it up a bit with a funkier bassline, but maintain that dark Hellpass edge.

A good hard kick starts things off and builds into a heavy drum set. Lots of intricate drum programming keeps things moving while a low brooding bassline sweeps in. Light flutters of piano drops prance around with a sneaky synth lead behind it. Tons of little beeps and sounds break up the tune and drop it straight into an eerie break, collapsing and falling into some dark synths. This is a stormer of a track and will devast any club it's used in.

'Mood Society' turn out a groovier version of the original with a funky bassline and a jaw dropping break. The drums start in with a good kick and a nice layer of high hats. Creepy sounds move into the drums creating a deeper percussion layer, while the arpeggiated sounds flutter up top once again. The synths are a bit longer here and open up into a devastating break that is as gorgeous as it is dark. Just holding up in the air for long enough, the drums pound back in with the groovy bassline.

Hellpass has a very clever sound on 'Growler'; a deep and dark workout that makes you headbang and want more and with a Mood Society remix funking it up, there's something here for everyone.

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