Artist: Haydar & Lacognata
Title: Sound Of Buenos Aires EP
Label: Orient Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 27 August 2004
  • A: Dark Melody
  • B: Paradise Clear

Haydar & Lacognata "Sound Of Buenos Aires EP"

Out Now on Orient Recordings

Orient Recordings' 8th release comes from two new artists Haydar & Lacognata from the lovely Buenos Aires in Argentina. Aldo Haydar has been busy playing in clubs like Pacha, Leather, and Studio 12 for upwards of twenty years, while Facundo Lacognata has been DJing and producing for ten years and has a few releases on respected Argentinean labels. 'The Sound Of Buenos Aires EP' is a sharp look at the various sounds of South America. 'Dark Melody' captures a sinister mood, while 'Paradise Clear' moves through progressive house in hypnotic waves.

Tribal beats build their way into a bouncy bassline and into the beginning of 'Dark Melody'. A dramatic drop off for a moment builds tension, while a wafting rush of orchestral sound rolls over and tiny beeps give it a techy edge. Lots of breathy echoes and sounds swallow the song bringing it down into a long break. A creepy middle emerges with moans and flying sounds, and a new sinister hook. The hook grooves up and down and gallops along with the beats, while the bounce stays till the end. This is a dramatic, but very different kind of progressive tribal song.

'Paradise Clear' is a warmer song with techy drums with a marching feel playing along a hypnotic bassline. Spacey sounds float over the beats with vocals samples and low bit giggles swaying side-to-side creating a solid progressive house groove. A huge break opens up for a theatrical soundscape to crash in and change the tune into a deeper mood. A scary shrilling sound sets off and builds up into a massive peak before falling into a thumpy heartbeat drum, and back into the progressive groove.

This is another fair release from Orient Recordings, as a different take on house music is presented by these two new artists Haydar & Lacognata.

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