Artist: Harm
Title: S-LimSanity
Label: Cure Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 20 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Sieg & Mouzakis Mix

Harm "S-LimSanity"

Out Now on Cure Recordings

Cure Recordings is a new label spearheaded by dj and producer Herbert Berkley (aka Smight). It's primary goal is to invest it's profits back into research for diseases such as Cancer and Aids, with the focus of it's musical direction being on promoting some of the scene's up and coming talents, many of whom have yet to receive their first break in the business. The mysterious Harm is but one of those. Lured into the scene during the early 90s raves in the Bay Area, soon becoming influenced by artists such as Underworld and The Chemical Brothers. From there a developing interest in progressive music brought his attention to such artists as Steve Porter and Blackwatch, whom Harm would credit for a lot of what he tries to do as a producer. 'S-limsanity' is his debut single, hoping to get the Cure project off to a thriving start.

Harm's 'Original Mix' is a tech-edged tribal workout, with a big throbbing bass and rippling drum patterns creating a vibrant, atmospheric groove which runs through the heart of the track. Metallic synths and eerie sounds wash over the groove, leading towards a string laden break. The beats bob up and down as they come back in underneath, and the overall production possesses great depth with a killer hook to rock the dancefloor. A great debut from this youngster.

'Sieg & Mouzakis' deliver a deeper more hypnotic dub on the flipside, with big drums and a solid groove intent on keeping the mood dark and the tempo fierce. Tight production, but in comparison this mix pales against the original, and offers nothing different to many other tracks of this type on the market.

A fair release for this new label, with Harm showing much promise with his production skills. Normally I would say to use your own judgement when buying, but even if you buy it just to support the case, you at least get one solid track and piece of mind from having helped contribute to helping others. It's upto you..

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