Artist: Hardline
Title: J'Adore
Label: Alternative Route
By: Nick Bower | 25 June 2003
  • A: Peter Bailey Mix
  • B: Mike Macaluso Mix

Hardline "J'Adore"

Out Now on Alternative Route

Hardline are comprised of stateside duo and Ensoul Records head honchos Peter Bailey and Mike Macalouso. 'Jadore' is their own latest release on the ever growing and innovative label Alternative Route. To say the label got off to something of a blindingly good start from its very first release would be a major understatement. Founded and run by rising star Desyn Masiello and William Brunner (AKA PMT), the label unleashed was the hugely popular ‘KC Flightt – ‘Voices’. The track was not only content with being played by virtually every Dj under the sun, but also found itself charted at No.1 by non other than the mighty Deep Dish. Not one to rest on his laurels, Desyn has since quietly amassed a veritable small army of well known talent to release material on the label; Creamer & K, 16B and The Flash Brothers to name but a few. Alternative Route is also nurturing less well known artists such as Paul Hamill and Guy Gerber with other fresh material and new acts waiting in the wings.

'Jadore' kicks off on the A side with Peter Bailey's mix. This is a no nonsense chunky tech stomper, opening with a powerful 4/4 beat and a snippet of European male vocal stating "Music...j'adore my music". In cut driving and searing synth noises as the track progressively develops until it drops to complete silence. The vocal slips in once more, with the deep bassline kicking ferociously back in - to see the track through to its end.

The flip side gives us Mike Macalouso's mix - an altogether more tribal take on the track. Layers of light percussion slowly unfold over a deep punchy beat as bit-by-bit the track adds more and more percussive elements, heading towards a tougher and darker sound. This mix makes a little more use of the vocal, cutting in and out of the music and eventually stripping down the parts of the track, descending to just the vocal, basic percussion and a muted beat. The full mix then comes slamming back in to great effect.

Overall, 'Jadore' offers a pleasing slab of well produced club-friendly tech and tribal house, perfectly designed for getting speakers pounding and dancefloors whipped up into a frenzy. 'Jadore' really does hit the mark, neither mix beating round the bush and favouring to just get stuck right in. However, for my money its Mike Macalouso's spin on 'Jadore' which I think really deserves the most praise - certainly head to this mix first. Good stuff.

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