Artist: Halogen Vs Nash T
Title: On A Bridge (Remixes)
Label: CP Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 23 March 2004
  • A: Blue Haze Daydream
  • B: BlueRoomProject Mix

Halogen Vs Nash T "On A Bridge (Remixes)"

Out Now on CP Recordings

CP Recordings turn to two of the scene's newest artists for the remix disc of Halogen Vs Nash T's 'On A Bridge', as both Blue Haze and the duo of Jeff Belfi and Shane Ehlers, better known as BlueRoomProject add their own unique touch to the track.

'Blue Haze' has created a niche for himself within house music. His sounds are beautiful, his pads are strong and he always brings in a swinging groove. Mick Burns reworks ‘On A Bridge’ into a wonderful vocal progressive track. The drums start building along with swirling tones creeping in over the top. Effects engulf the main chord progression as it floats over the beats. A few quick drops and the vocal shines through, while the melodies are cut up and stuttered. Another quality remix by Blue Haze.

'BlueRoomProject' put their hand to the track, and come up with a deep progressive breaks mix. An ambient interlude opens the tune with soft pads and eerie sounds, whilst the mellow breakbeat moves through the synths creating a dreamy atmosphere. The vocal makes its way in teasing over the beats, with the bassline booming slowly, twinkling melodies bringing back the mellow atmosphere. An absolutely stunning mix.

The young blood show that they have much to offer, and both artists continue their impeccable track record with two excellent remixes. If you are a fan of their work, this disc comes highly recommended, although the original 12" is worth checking out too.

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