Artist: Habersham
Title: Transparent Sound / Follow The White Rabbit
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 24 March 2004
  • A: Transparent Sound
  • B: Follow The White Rabbit

Habersham "Transparent Sound / Follow The White Rabbit"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Atlanta's Damon Fonooni has been producing for a little while now, collaborating on occasion with his friend Brett Abramson (aka DJ Numinous) on labels such as Music Is Freedom and their own Blueprint Recordings. However, more recently Habersham has been branching out on his own, and after a few low key minor releases that received variable support, has really turned up the heat resulting in material like these two dynamite numbers, 'Transparent Sound' and 'Follow The White Rabbit' which after hearing were quickly snapped up by Dave Seaman as the latest release on his Audiotherapy label.

Spooky chimes and chords lend a spine chilling and haunting introduction to the a-side track 'Transparent Sound'. As each layer of melody creeps it's way in, a new main section begins to appear, and rumbling bass and beats soon jostle for attention against the constant chimes that rain down upon the groove. A solid bassline repeats itself, swelling until it interrupts the rest of the track and changes the direction of the track, taking it down a stomping 4/4 route where eastern style influences become apparent, but it's when the sub bass section comes in toward the end of the track and the melody is left to it's own devices that this track really slams. A gorgeous set opener that emerges from it's cocoon into a dynamic straight and breakbeat hybrid, hinting at a deeper diversity to Habersham's production skills.

'Follow The White Rabbit' almost defies description. Fierce breakbeat rhythms and electronic stabs come together head on, the resulting soundscape being very unique. No hint of melody in this monster, just wild bass flanges and trippy rhythm sections, with futuristic computer sounding effects fluttering away at various points throughout. Just when you think it's done it's damage, it comes back and kicks you in the nuts when you least expect it. Make no doubt about it, Habersham is the sadistic school bully your mother warned you about, and he's coming to kick your ass just because he can.

Both sides bring the goods in their own unique way, and show exactly why Habersham is set to become one of the biggest names over the next few months, so you can either take the blue pill and pass this by, or take the red pill, and be able to say you knew about one of Atlanta's best kept secrets long before the rest of the world catches on.

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