Artist: Habersham
Title: Sometimes I Dream
Label: Acute Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 14 November 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Dub

Habersham "Sometimes I Dream"

Out Now on Acute Recordings

Altanta native Damon Fonooni is relatively new to the production scene, but making huge impact quickly. His first release 'Mister Cool; with studio partner Numinous was widely accepted and found in DJ sets all over the world. 'Sometimes I Dream' is Habersham’s first solo release and has received support from John Digweed, Danny Howells and Phil K. His spicy blend of intricate beats, groovy bass, and metallic sounds are the reason why we’ll be hearing much more from this talented producer.

The 'Original Mix' of Sometimes I Dream is a chugging tune with a growling bassline and vocal clips spread throughout. Grinding layers of metallic sound follow the punchy beats. The vocals are quick snips of voices that loom in the mix perfectly and add a lot of dimension. Quick drum changes and short dropouts keep this tune moving. This is a peak time tune that will engulf many dance floors in the coming months.

The 'Dub' version is a nice deeper house track. A tight drum set filled with toms, and shakers start in, as a nice backing breakbeat fills in the spaces. The delayed voices scatter above the track creating a nice percussion groove. A bassline warms up the song, and brings in some funk. The tune builds slowly into a watery break that introduces lush pad sounds with a dreamy effect. The drums slowly build back up, as we fall into the song again.

Acute Recordings is up to their fifth release, with 'Sometimes I Dream' bringing a different sound to the label than some of the previous releases. Habersham’s heavy bass, driving textures and lush sounds make this something to look out for.

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