Artist: Habersham Presents Tech Phunk
Title: Body Phunk
Label: Institution Breaks
By: Chloe Harris | 10 January 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Christian J Mix

Habersham Presents Tech Phunk "Body Phunk"

Out Now on Institution Breaks

Atlanta native Habersham presents another ripping slice of music for Florida's Institution Breaks. 'Body Phunk' is a brilliant track with a lot of bounce and bass and lasers, topped off with the stunning production that Damon Fonooni has become known for. Having popped up in mixes and charts since last summer, 'Body Phunk' finally hits the shelves complete with a sweet remix by Christian J which fits in perfectly on the flip with an aggressive gliding breaks style.

The 'Original Mix' is a tough and heavy breaks and house tune that will get you moving. Filtered drums pop in as lots of aggressive sounds take hold. Gnarly bass rips in, while crunchy snare drums lay on top of the beats. Toms bring in last part of the bottom end, and a twinkly arpeggiator tickles it all. Every sound builds into a percussive frenzy that soars. A quick stop pushes out a heavy kick drum, as we set off into a semi techno styled middle section of filth. Starting off with a minimal beat and some lazer sounds, the kick rushes thru a few transitions before fading off into another break. It's bleak and silent, making for a dramatic but completely perfect break before popping back into the breaks and ripping gnarly bassline. This is another perfect slice of filth from Habersham.

Chris Allen has released tracks and remixes as Christian J on Distinctive Records, as well as Simple and Finger Lickin'. For his remix of 'Body Phunk' he stretches things out and gets a good sliding groove going. The toms come in first layering with thunderous crashing tones while a break beat busts in shortly after. A great build with lots of driving sounds brings us into the gnarly bass, although its been changed into a higher tone filtering from the top to the bottom and finally kicking in once it drops deep. The beats come back in with an added kick, setting off into a breaky 4/4 beat. All the sounds play off each other, slicing, stretching and cutting into the beats until the last bit fades away.

Habersham continues to defy the laws of sonic exploration with 'Body Phunk'. His production quality is bar none some of the best in the business. Don't sleep on this one, as it's essential for breaks and house enthusiasts alike, and a great fourth release for Institution Breaks.

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