Artist: Habersham
Title: Inconstant / Expansion
Label: Acute Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 9 July 2004
  • A: Inconstant
  • B: Expansion

Habersham "Inconstant / Expansion"

Out Now on Acute Recordings

Damon Fonooni is one of the most talented people to come from what is said to be a "new breed" of producers and DJs from America. His programming and skills are nothing short of brilliant, and his depth and mental sound imagery cannot be denied. For Jason Jollins' imprint Acute Recordings Habersham takes charge of the tribal business and gives us 'Inconstant' while on the flip, he delves into his deeper side showcasing his love for jazzy pads and watery grooves on 'Expansion'.

Habersham gets down and dirty with his tribal grooves on ‘Inconstant’. Deep tribal drumming starts in with a breaky house beat layered on top. The drums sound as if a real drummer had jammed for hours, with the fat hits and high hats. There is a dark mood throughout the tune with the lack of synths or melody giving all the focus on the bass. The heavy sound walks slowly pulsing with the drums in a sinster vibe, giving way to the perfect background for the creepy vocal.

On the flip 'Expansion' starts in with watery vocal samples, cool techy drums, and a nice jazzy pad stab. A nice warm groove sets in as the pads fall on top of the drums and the bassline moves underneath. A cool melody drops in while the drums off into a break beat showcasing Habersham's amazing programming. This is a smooth dirty funk track that explores Damon's deeper side.

This release should become a classic for Acute Recordings. Habersham has the ability to suck you in and play with your head when it comes to his programming, tones and moods and 'Inconstant' and 'Expansion' are two more songs that do just that.

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