Artist: Habersham
Title: Dryspell / Mehs
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Jason Calvert | 25 July 2005
  • A: Dryspell
  • B: Mehs

Habersham "Dryspell / Mehs"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Damon Fonooni AKA Habersham needs little introduction. Having a strong back catalogue of productions on many quality labels such as CP, Existence, and Lobotomy, as well as his own Blueprint Recordings, he signs on to Audio Therapy this time for his latest work. Dave Seaman's Audio Therapy imprint has an extremely impressive discography, and has introduced us to some of the hottest producers on the scene. Habersham's latest keeps up with this trend, living up to the past standards, and perhaps going even a little further.

If uber classy is your style, then Dryspell is the track for you. With a synth reminiscent of older Phil Kieran productions, it is smoothly layered in over some bouncing percussion. Filters are dropped in to distort the sound and then weave between the raw sound and the filtered sound, with magnificent results. Slight rolls and pitch changes keep the listener interested whilst giving the track a very distinctive edge to it. This track shows that you can't pin a specific style to Habersham, as his diverse approach gives each of his tracks a slightly different flavour, whilst all being of a high standard. An absolutely stunning track.

On the flipside, Mehs takes on a very different mood to its counterpart. Futuristic beeps and blips take hold of the track, and an extremely sharp breakbeat underlies them. The effects are stretched, twisted, and distorted in all sorts of different ways, keeping the listener interested throughout. The unique style of this track is what makes it stand out in a scene where it is sometimes hard to come up with material with this much originality. This is sure to be a favourite amongst people who dig the sound of James Zabiela.

A brilliant release for both Habersham and Audio Therapy, perhaps one of their strongest releases to date. One of the hottest vinyls going around at the moment, and definately a current favourite in my box. Be sure to check this release out while you still can, no matter what style of electronic takes your fancy, the transgressive nature of this track is sure to have widespread appeal.

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