Artist: Habersham & Numinous
Title: Leaving Tifton
Label: Blueprint Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 18 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Digital Witchcraft Mix

Habersham & Numinous "Leaving Tifton"

Out Now on Blueprint Recordings

Habersham & Numinous explore their darker side for their latest single on their own label Blueprint Recordings. Blueprint is a relatively new label that will feature some stunning talent from around the world, and 'Leaving Tifton' is a chugging progressive tune with faint melodies, gnarly basslines and a twisted vocal that is an absolutely hook. Digital Witchcraft from Atlanta create a beautiful progressive breaks rework suitable for anytime of night over on the flip.

Habersham & Numinous' own 'Original Mix' is a creepy world of spooky synths backed with a dirty bassline and trippy vocals. Intricately programmed beats take us away while crystal edged sounds flow deep and fall in-between breaks. A growly bassline whips though the beats and drops off into a break. A twisted vocal pierces through the lush synths and drops flat into a heavy bassy break beat that picks up once again and chugs till the end.

'Digital Witchcraft' have been causing quite a stir among progressive breaks fans. Their sounds are beautiful and trippy, with lots of stunning effects. They build 'Leaving Tifton' into a smoother lush break beat journey, with loads of spacey sounds and lovely synth work. The break beat builds along the airy synths working up into a nice groove. The bass stabs are light and move directly into a drop off introducing the vocal bits. Flying above all the sounds, the synths grow from behind and drop off into a break introducing the twisted up vocal part and working back into the beats.

Habersham & Numinous have created something very special for Blueprint. Beautiful layers and textures with a galloping beat rolled into a package with a great remix by Digital Witchcraft make this one of the best releases of the year so far.

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