Artist: Habersham & Kazell Present Paradise Rockers
Title: One Thing
Label: Influx Audio
By: Andrew Bilen | 19 March 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Quivver Mix

Habersham & Kazell Present Paradise Rockers "One Thing"

Out Now on Influx Audio

Highly respected producer Habersham pairs up with Kazell, best known for his work with Mike Hiratzka, to create the duo Paradise Rockers, which presents us with the latest addition to Kazell's Influx Audio label.

The Original Mix of One Thing is a progressive breakbeat track with reggae vibes that is more reminiscent of Kazell's productions with Mike Hiratzka, such as 'In Your Eyes', rather then the deep and dark twisted textures we have come to expect from Habersham. The end result seems to be a combination of Kazell's more strictly progressive stylings with Habersham's percussion oriented breakbeat influence. The two and a half minute intro is a percussive breakbeat workout that does a great job of getting things moving and creating energy, focused primarily on the fantastic drum work present throughout this track. As we get into the meat of the track, the bassline takes over and things cool off as the track is stripped down to create a very light and airy atmosphere. The synths and vocals float and echo over top the thick bassline and intricate drum patterns and it's this atmosphere that allows for the kind of chilled vibe you would expect from a reggae influenced track. The elements of the track that create the reggae vibe include vocals, percussion using the sound of hand played drums, a funky guitar riff, and the generally light and bouncy vibe of the track. The mix embodies a rather chill mood while still remaining progressive enough for the dancefloor, however we are left without a breakdown and the energy of the track remains constant throughout. Even so, credit must be given to this duo for their creativity and production quality with great texture and layering.

The 'Quivver Mix' takes One Thing further into progressive breakbeat territory while cutting back on the reggae elements and providing the release with a more dance-oriented mix. The main staple of this mix is its thick rolling bassline and a nice, deep breakdown that raises the overall energy of the track while still keeping it at a similar tempo to the original. The remix has a lot more energy throughout than the original, however that is a trade-off for the reggae-esque stylings as Quivver's version is a more typical progressive dance track than the original. The breakdown on this mix is a thing of beauty as it strips things down to an organic sounding trumpet and piano sample before kicking right back into the bassline with the addition of a nice spacey synth over the top that brings the track to a strong finish. Quivver does a solid job of reconstructing the elements of the original into something quite different and very enjoyable.

Habersham and Kazell pair up as Paradise Rockers to put together a really unique and interesting track that definitely stands out with its reggae vibe. Quivver's remix is a great track that gives more traditional progressive fans something to enjoy. Overall a great effort by all parties involved and a solid addition to the Influx Audio catalogue.

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