Artist: H Bomb
Title: Northern Lights
Label: EQ Grey
By: Simon Jones | 21 November 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Jeff Bennett Mix

H Bomb "Northern Lights"

Out Now on EQ Grey

With his recent track as Form & Function having done reasonably well, producer Hywel Dunn Davies makes his return to EQ Grey with another new single, this time under his better known H-Bomb guise. With much of his past work having brought him a reasonable amount of recognition, we don't really hear from him that often, but when we do he never disappoints. 'Northern Lights' unsurprisingly doesn't either.

The 'Original Mix' is huge, with some very simple production giving us a massive sounding track. Crazy synth work runs over the vibrant and heavy bassline below, as Hywel uses some excellent cut up percussive rhythms to create a rocking groove that builds subtly, leading towards to the break where a devastating hook weaves it's way through the track, displacing and shunting the synths and creating a fabulous wave of electronic sound that brings things to an end, having left more a lot more than just a lasting impression.

If that's not all, the excellent 'Jeff Bennett' is on hand, providing a rare remix that takes 'Northern Lights' down a deeper, tech inspired tangent. With a solid groove leading instead of the droning bassline, the melodies are given more chance to expand and develop, and as one might expect with Jeff Bennett's involvement, this remix is nothing but absolute quality, complimenting the original superbly.

As a label that has constantly pushed the boundaries and attempted to bring something different to the table, EQ Grey has achieved quite an impressive record and chain of support, and their long standing support of artists like Hywel Dunn Davies and releasing singles like this is definitely one of the secrets of their success.

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