Artist: Guy J
Title: Under Pressure
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Andrew Rowland | 29 August 2008
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Error Error Mix

Guy J "Under Pressure"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

It seems for the most part as though Guy J has taken up the challenge of re-launching the Bedrock label all by himself looking at the label's recent release schedule. Bedrock's confidence in him is well judged given his recent remix of Sasha’s ‘Mongoose’ and the quality of this release.

‘Under Pressure’ is a sweet sounding techno house track. It’s got what the best tracks all have, simple elements used together in a hypnotic groove that immerse the listener. The drums, for the most part, are simple and effective, creating the groove for dreamy sounding sustained chords to propel the track along. A sweet percussive melody chimes away in the background. The melody’s that good you don’t really appreciate its brilliance at first, with all the elements in full play. It’s only when they suddenly disappear, at the drop that you then really appreciate how good it is. The chords are then left to slowly build up after the drop, before it all kicks off again taking the track to the end.

The Error Error remix starts off as a deeper, almost tripper affair. It lifts the pace of the track slightly on the original and the mix overall is a little harder and techier. Crisp drums get things driving nicely with the tracks original chords then appearing carrying the track along. These build up to a crescendo, before the track springs a surprise with a cracking bass riff dropping out of nowhere. This riff creates energy resulting in a peak time mix, filled with plenty of sonic interest screaming anthem.

Overall it’s a tough call separating the two mixes from each other and picking a favourite because they’re both top quality and suited to different parts in a night. This is quite simply a stellar package and it came as no surprise to find this on Digweed and Sasha’s end of tour top ten list on Beatportal recently. The full album release ‘Esperanza’, also through Bedrock in September is hotly anticipated. John Digweed’s surely found one of the stars of 2008.

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