Artist: Guy J & Raanan Raz
Title: Resek
Label: Deep Records
By: Devon Shaw | 5 October 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Nils Noa Mix

Guy J & Raanan Raz "Resek"

Out Now on Deep Records

It's not often that progressive house is on hand and paying attention to the debut of the hundreds of artists cycling through the scene. Early releases from new producers and one-off collaborations can be easily obscured by the sheer volume of material, only to reveal a future giant - as artists such as Lostep and Bart Van Wissen can attest to. And once again in the latter case, Deep Records is the credited springboard for another fresh talent poised to make an impressive run: The Israeli-based Guy J. Fresh off impressive singles 'Never Say No EP' (Also on Deep) and 'Hazui' on Electribe, he now pairs up with studio counterpart Ranaan Raz to pound out 'Resek', his latest promising tune.

The 'Original Mix' identifies immediately as a banger, in true Kosmas Epsilon fashion. Washed pads and bass stabs preclude the presence of the main beat, a filtered, acid-electro riff that takes hold immediately. A complimentary arp slides in alongside the drive, carrying through a sweeping drop and into the breakdown that builds nicely into a maelstrom of effects before rocketing clean back into the heart of the track. Shortly after we're re-offered a moderate climax that bodes well for cue points in DJ sets, though it's worth noting that the primary riff continues well into the final breakdown before filtering out with just 20 seconds to go.

On the flip is remix treatment from Norwegian Nils Noa. Keeping in the spirit of the original, the track reassembles many of the successful elements and introduces a more steppy, laid back drum pattern to go with a varied main riff that supports nicely, but unfortunately lacks the inspiration of it's predecessor. A fine effort and a respectable change, but not quite enough to truly compliment the delivery of the original song. A neatly arranged collage of effects work keeps the track alive, but not immune from brief moments of tedium.

Guy J again delivers a uniquely-sounding contribution that's well deserving to be charted and played, as well as more attention paid to his future releases. With support coming from the major players led by John Digweed, it won't be long before others start clamoring for new material. Guy J is on the tip of something big, and only time will tell how thoroughly it's explored. He's off to a great start.

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