Artist: Guy Gerber
Title: Timing / Guilty Pleasure
Label: Cocoon Recordings
By: Andrew Rowland | 26 February 2009
  • A: Timing
  • B: Guilty Pleasure

Guy Gerber "Timing / Guilty Pleasure"

Out Now on Cocoon Recordings

Israeli Guy Gerber was a virtual unknown until the Bedrock label released 'Stoppage Time' and subsequently turned him into an overnight sensation. This kind of exposure in the beginning can often be the kiss of death for an artist who inevitably can then find them struggling to ever live up to the initial promise and hype. Thankfully this hasn't happened in Guy’s case and he has slowly built on this initial promise. Guy’s latest production, ‘Timing’ which is released through Cocoon Recordings, is a track that is finally seeing the light of day having tantalizingly been illuminating dances floors on a regular basis for the past six months.

From its first bar, ‘Timing’ is a noticeably trancy outing. Built around an infectious rolling bassline and accompanying riff, it mostly feels like simplicity in itself. A deep and moody slow burner, it’s not until half way into the track that it hits its high point when a particularly haunting synth riff makes an appearance. This is the track’s defining moment and helps see it out, leaving the listener feeling in an almost dream like state.

If 'Timing' on first play appears a touch tranced out for you, the B-side 'Guilty Pleasure' offers a nice alternative in the form of some twisted teched out robot funk. Built around a strong bed of driving techno rhythms and a rather odd “perfect timing” sample, it shouldn't in theory really work a track, but some how pulls it off with the help of some rather warped percussion fills.

Cocoon Recordings never seems to fail in bringing us inspiring techno releases. In the case of Guy Gerber, it seems the perfect marriage and as such this release certainly comes highly recommended.

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