Artist: Guy Gerber
Title: Electric Mistress
Label: Alternative Route
By: Nick Bower | 22 July 2003
  • A: Rainbow Mix
  • B: Free Drinks Mix

Guy Gerber "Electric Mistress"

Out Now on Alternative Route

Guy Gerber has amassed quite a discography so far, in what has proved to be a prolific dj'ing and production career. He's been half of the '2 Guys' (along with Guy Baranes) in the past, earlier in 2003 he gave us 'You Can Have Him (The Other Woman)'/'The Lost DJ' and he's teamed up with Sahar Z for 'Kenny's Back', both on the well established Whoop! label. However, 'Electric Mistress' emerges on Desyn Masiello's Alternative Route, and has already been highly praised by such high profile DJs as Danny Howells, amongst others.

Definitely a tale of two halves, the Rainbow Mix of 'Electric Mistress' has a bouncy 4/4 beat, plenty of percussion and then an old skool style male vocodered voice. Certainly a strange beast, the track offers a hypnotic deep feel with its relentless bassline, but also a light, fun, tongue-in-cheek and distinctly electro-disco vibe. Halfway through emerges a series of melodic synth chimes..almost sounding quite flute-like. The track even manages to throw in a small break towards the end of the track for good measure. In a word, fun.

Stabbing key notes kick the Free Drinks Mix off and lead into a slightly tougher, chunkier and driving reworking of 'Electric Mistress', one that again offers a mish-mash of electro and disco flavours. Once more the bassline is a key element of the track, which later in the track cleverly joined by a more subtle bassline and a few electro-break kicks on the breakdown. Overall the Free Drinks Mix offers more in the way of percussion and is perhaps is a little deeper.

Both mixes could certainly be found playing quite comfortably in many different types of club, be them orientated towards electro, house or disco. 'Electric Mistress' is one of those tracks that covers a multitude of musical genres, without even batting an eyelid. It achieves it in such a smooth and subtle way that those who pigeon-hole music could have a real job on their hands pinning this one down. Alternative Route can proudly add 'Electric Mistress' to their catalogue of diverse releases.

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