Artist: Gutterstylz
Title: I Want Your Love / Dirtbox (Remixes)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Darren Rhys | 22 August 2006
  • A: I Want Your Love (Vocal Duke Mix)
  • B: Dirtbox (2Thousand&Six Mix)

Gutterstylz "I Want Your Love / Dirtbox (Remixes)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Bruce Aisher returns to Bedrock under his 'Gutterstylz' alias for a package of remixes of his debut AA from 2005. With the label moving in a markedly new direction in recent times, it was interesting to learn that both ‘I Want Your Love’ and ‘Dirtbox’ were being freshened up for an assault on 2006.

On the A-side comes 'I Want Your Love', which gets moving thanks to the utterly infectious bassline groove. As work as a solo artist and with partner Luke Brancaccio will testify, Bruce loves to keep tracks interesting with evolving drum patterns and little quirks to keep the dancefloor on the edge. The 'Vocal Duke Mix' is certainly no exception, with constant additions, transitions and builds creating a track born to rock crowds. A solid chugging groove are supplemented by attitude-laden vocals adding some musicality to the piece. The vocals themselves aid the track in its bid for a wider appeal and also seem to add that final touch to a good instrumental. I do however feel that a stronger delivery on the vocal performance could have given this track a further lift.

The '2Thousand&Six Mix' of 'Dirtbox' on the B-side is a great example of what Bruce Aisher does best. A superb rolling bassline starts things off cautiously alongside some tough house drums before a stunning melody develops throughout the early stages of the piece. A decrescendo strips the track down to a deep and seductive groove which is nothing short of stunning, carrying the track into a series of bass key changes which are simplistic yet highly effective when combined with the rising melody hook from earlier. Constant builds add further emphasis to its highly melodic foundations, and by the close of the track the dancefloor has been treated to a real workout.

This is yet another strong release for the almighty Bedrock. 'Dirtbox' is certainly the highlight of the package; consequently justifying it's re-release for 2006, whilst 'I Want Your Love' is also finding strong support throughout the dance community once again.

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