Artist: Gutterstylz
Title: Dirtbox / I Want Your Love
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Jason Calvert | 17 November 2005
  • A: Dirtbox
  • B: I Want Your Love

Gutterstylz "Dirtbox / I Want Your Love"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

John Digweed's Bedrock imprint should be one most (if not all) of you should be familiar with. From exploding on to the scene with the anthemic classic "Heaven Scent", right up to Yunus Guvenen's "Let Go / Forever", Bedrock Records have consistently hit the mark time and time again. This next outing comes from Bruce Aisher under the alias of Gutterstylz. Aisher has recently created waves with fellow producer Luke Brancaccio under the Suicide Sports Club guise. The Gutterstylz outfit is a side project, allowing the man to express himself in his own unique way.

The slow rolling bassline moves forward with ease on "Dirtbox", as a mid ranged melody line takes hold. There is a certain groove to it which is trademark in almost everything Aisher adds his touch to, and this monster serves excellently in working the crowd. Elements progressively build upon each other, reaching a very high point by the time the track is over. Out of the two tracks presented here this is easily my pick.

"I Want Ur Love" shifts focus to a chunky percussion outfit which underlines the track. The looping bass generates a large amount of force, and some sexy guitar-influenced effects fill in the gaps. The breakdown is hectic, and builds anticipation in an excellent fashion. Suits quite a different mood to "Dirtbox", and has been a favourite with Hernan Cattaneo over the months.

It seems Bruce Aisher is unstoppable at the moment, and this release certainly backs up this statement. His style is hard to pin down to specifics, but it always boasts a quality and groove which hold appeal to many. It seems Bedrock hit the mark yet again!

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