Artist: Gus Gus Feat Daniel Agust
Title: Moss
Label: Pineapple Records
By: Andrew Bilen | 7 May 2007
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Greg Churchill Mix
  • B1: Tim Deluxe Mix

Gus Gus Feat Daniel Agust "Moss"

Out Now on Pineapple Records

'Moss' is the latest release on Gus Gus' own Pineapple Records, and features vocalist Daniel Agust, who gives a solid performance that works together with the track beautifully.

The 'Original Mix' is a very simple, bouncy, energizing house track. Focused around its deep thick bass line, the track is complemented by an excellent vocal provided by Daniel Agust. The other elements include a hi-hat line and two electro-esque synth lines that are used interchangeably throughout different portions of the track. And although the track has a very bouncy, cheery feel to it, some of the effects applied to the vocal and synths provide a darker undertone. Aside from those main points, there isn't a whole lot to say, as it is a very simple song with few elements. The strength of the track is in the usage of those few elements to create a really great song as Gus Gus has managed to do with Moss.

The 'Greg Churchill Mix' provides a progressive breakbeat mix to the package that's quite impressive. The track makes good usage of the original melody, while incorporating only a small portion of the vocal but using it effectively nonetheless. The track has a great vibe to it, keeping the bouncy and cheerful aesthetic of the original but with a funkier, more driving club mix. It sounds very much like a great combination of electro house and breakbeat, as evidenced by the electro styled synths and the breakbeat patterns of the drums. This mix has great big-room club appeal, and could make this package worth the investment on its own merits.

There is another great remix here provided by 'Tim Deluxe', a mix that takes Moss off the deep end into very dark house territory. It's a very progressive tune with some additional tribal elements in the form of hand-played drums. This remix is deep, dark, and brooding while still managing to make excellent use of the songs original elements. This is the more impressive of the two remixes as it's more complex in terms of layering and overall just has a very big dance club sound and feel to it. The remix uses an almost identical bass line from the original mix, with the addition of some very tribal drums to the underlying beat. This mix is more similar to the original then Greg Churchill's version, and certainly a mix aimed much more directly at the club then Gus Gus' original. With heavy use of reverb to achieve a really big sound, and a wide variety of elements layered together, there is simply a lot going on here, but thankfully it all works together very well, making this the standout track of the release.

Gus Gus has put together a really great addition to their Pineapple imprint, creating a great original track and selecting two talented remixers to round out the package. Every track here is fantastic, with Tim Deluxe's take on Moss being the best of the bunch.

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