Artist: Dave Seaman Presents Group Therapy Feat Nat Leonard
Title: My Own Worst Enemy (Remixes)
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 25 August 2004
  • A1: Group Therapy Dub
  • B1: Yoshi & OMB Womb Recording Tribal Mix
  • B2: Spector Mix

Dave Seaman Presents Group Therapy Feat Nat Leonard "My Own Worst Enemy (Remixes)"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Following in the footsteps of the original 12" comes this remix package of the new Group Therapy track 'My Own Worst Enemy'. With the original a staple in Dave Seaman's sets for many months, producing remixes that would appeal to not only fans of the original but people into other styles and sounds was going to be a difficult task due to the strong vocal by Natalie Leonard, but Audiotherapy have done a sterling job here indeed.

Seaman and company's 'Group Therapy Dub' is a thumping progressive epic, it's big bassline and synths unleashing some incredible energy as it drills its way through the speakers and on the dancefloor. A series of minor changes in the flow of the track make all the different, with the pumping groove unrelenting throughout. Whilst the vocal is what made the original so good, this dub interpretation pays a passing nod to the good old days of Guerilla Records, with it's deep sweeping sounds luckily to do cause huge amounts of damage on the dancefloor.

Tokyo's producers DJ Yoshi and OMB deliver a big ethereal remix on the flip, taking the track down the tribal route. However don't be put off by this as what we have here is dark and gritty mix full of emotion and atmosphere, and a superb compliment to all the mixes there are on offer, plus there's also a very cool and classy ambient rework by Newcastle's 'Spector' with loads of subtle textures, strings and beats creating a mix that is just perfect for a terrace set or even an late night encore.

When all is said and done, this is a comprehensive set of mixes that when put side by side with the others on the original 12", gives pretty much something for everyone. You can expect to hear 'My Own Worst Enemy' all over the place in the coming weeks and months, and also be sure that Seaman and friends will be regrouping to give some Therapy sooner rather than later.

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