Artist: Groovemates
Title: Natural Sound / Escape Is Impossible
Label: Plastica
By: Chloe Harris | 15 January 2004
  • A: Natural Sound
  • B: Escape Is Impossible

Groovemates "Natural Sound / Escape Is Impossible"

Out Now on Plastica

Israeli duo Groovemates, Sharon Avilhak and Doron Elimelech, embark on their second single for the Plastic Fantastic family. They come from differing backgrounds that add to their approach to productions. Doron is busy DJing RnB and Hip Hop in Jerusalem, while Sharon is the resident DJ at Move in Tel Aviv. 'Natural Sound' was featured on Sander Klienenberg's lovely mix compilation 'Everybody' on Renaissance. With a devastating breakbeat drop, piano rolls and a nice percussive groove, this song takes unusual twists and turns, while 'Escape Is Impossible' is a sci-fi creepy killer.

'Natural Sound' is a percussive tune with jazzy piano riffs and a startling breakbeat drop. Stomping beats take charge while a pumping bassline moves into vocal samples that drop in and out of the mix, while quick changes keep the groove. A huge synth rushes up and slows all the way down dropping deep into a creepy break. An explosive breakbeat comes in engulfing the song in funk, followed by more house beats and the trippy percussive loops.

'Escape Is Impossible' is a twisted journey through sci-fi soundscapes and growling beats. Drums build on top of each other, while a chord stab bubbles in the background. Sweeping synths move between speakers and drop into a spacey, twinkly breakdown introducing a new washing pad, and spooky voices. The beats drop back in as we ride the chord progression to the end.

This single is already in the hands of many, getting plays around the world. Groovemates deliver a great release for Plastica here, and no doubt there will be more to come from them as the months progress.

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