Artist: Gregor Tresher & Guy Gerber
Title: Open The Gates
Label: Great Stuff Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 7 January 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Deetron Mix

Gregor Tresher & Guy Gerber "Open The Gates"

Out Now on Great Stuff Recordings

Great Stuff's 39th release comes from Gregory Tresher from Germany and Guy Gerber from Israel. This duo plays off of each others creativity perfectly melting slick beat production with trancey elements. 'Open The Gates' is a sexy slice of trancy minimal techno with an uplifting vibe of cascading synths, while the flip features a brilliant remix by techno legend, Deetron, who rings the crap of the original turning it into a peaktime anthemic techno laden monster for big floors.

Slick techy beats start in creating a solid punchy percussion backbone leaving space for what's to come. A delicate high synth layer's on top of the beats, while a slap keeps it all moving, building a fantastic drummy groove. Warm crystallized synths step in delaying in time and fading away softly, changing the mood, harmony and effect with each that comes. The uplifting vibe can be felt and it sticks out even more as the bassline drops in. The bouncy analogy bassline rides up scales following the pattern of the warm synths working perfectly off each other. All the sounds build together before fading away allowing the kick and bass to groove with each other. The synths creep back in slowly, teasing you before really coming back in. The beats and bass then slowly fade away through filters, allowing the synths to grow to an immense melodic peak. The beats and bass come back in and follow the synths once again until the end. This is one of those songs you'd want to hear as a last song somewhere warm and sunny. A beautiful tune that will make people happy.

On the flip we get a remix courtousy of Music Man's main producer, Deetron.
This techno legend takes things darkner and more twisted, something for a peak time floor. A kick drum starts it up with spooky synth keys that layer in. The bassline has turned into a low repadative rumble with a fantastic hypnotic groove encased in a low pass filter. Claps and high hats create more groove while the bass starts to pull out of the filter, bubbling up into a bouncy detroit electro groove. The electronic buzzy nature of the bass gallops along the kick as atmospheric sounds play in the background. Shakers and more drum sounds appear pushing it all further, before big anthem-like synths take hold. Shortened to just melodic notes, the synths create a confusing and intense energy that turns into a massive peak. It continues with 808 claps joining in creating a bit more of an old techno style before it all drops back down into the bass rumble that started us out. This is an incredible remix that should have people bouncing off the walls when it's played.

2006 has been a massive year for Great Stuff and this release is a great way to wind down the year. The production on 'Open The Gates' is beautiful and warm and will bring a nite to end perfectly, while Deetron's remix plays up the beef of the tune making it a hugely twisted anthem. 2007 will see the label kick things off with new releases from label boss Rainer Weichhold and Andrea Doria, and if 2006 is anything to go by, then the new year is going to bring more "great stuff" in more ways than one.

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