Artist: Greed
Title: Rolling Hills
Label: ACDC
By: Colin C. | 7 September 2006
  • A: Shiloh Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Greed "Rolling Hills"

Out Now on ACDC

Tobi Wurz's Greed alias has been synonymous with slick, fascinating grooves ever since he dropped the massive 'Strange World' on us six years ago. In the time that's passed he's managed to successfully run his own label, push out dozens of remixes as well as release his debut album 'Temptation' which was unveiled earlier this year. 'Rolling Hills' was one of the tracks amongst the selections on 'Temptation' and now gets a proper 12" release complete with a remix from the brothers Moreh.

Shiloh's mix kicks off the A-side, throwing the breaks out the window and opting for a driving four-on-the-floor progression in similar style to the work we heard on their latest artist album. Clean percussion matched with reminisces of the synth patterns from the original quickly migrate into the track before the bass line drops and we are off and running. A powerhouse of a remix, as the brothers never let us come up for air, building more driving synth elements over the groove as it pounds across the near 9min rehash. A perfect track for the moments where the floor needs a little something to kick it into overdrive and send them through the roof, this will do the trick nicely.

The original occupies the flip side, and gives us a more flowing journey than Shiloh's rock hard interpretation. Harping back to the days of 'Nihil Nulla', Tobi effortlessly creates a bubbling groove complementing the lush arrangements and distorted riffs that play across the track. Rolling into the breakdown, Tobi pulls everything back to the kick and bass line as quick arps begin to move through some nice key changes before rushing us back into the groove. Only thing negative about this track is that it sounds dated. If we were back a few years this wouldn’t be an issue, but as is the production style feels over played at this point and is almost begging to be updated with something a little more fresh.

Once again Shiloh does not disappoint, this might not be the breaks we've known to expect from the duo but it surely occupies the grace and skill these two have when in the studio. And for those of you looking to re-live the hay-day of the progressive movement will sure to enjoy the flashbacks that the original will give you.

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