Artist: Greed Feat Lesley
Title: Promises (2006 Remixes)
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Colin C. | 29 September 2006
  • A: D-Nox & Beckers Mix
  • B: Kasey Taylor Mix

Greed Feat Lesley "Promises (2006 Remixes)"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Within the walls of the EDM culture it's not difficult to find certain timeless tunes resurfacing years after their original release date, as labels and the artists involved are eager to capitalize on these moments with subsequent follow up rehashes. Whether or not these gems should be left alone has always been open to debate, but this is one track that definitely should see more light. Originally released on Greed's own SOG records back in 2000, this release has all ready had a rekindling in 2001 when Sumsonic imprint Mechanism unleashed a stellar remix disc complete with a Sleepfreaks mix. This time around up-and-comers D-Nox & Beckers team with label head Kasey Taylor to deliver the goods in an attempt to bring this track back to the forefront.

D-Nox and Beckers kick off the A-Side, twisting the original percussive vibe into a slightly electro-tinged groove as they twist the original effects over a snappy snare and shimmering hi hats. With their signature bass line kicking in, the energy of the track catapults upwards with the swirls of what once was Lesley's voice following along. Warm lush pads make their way in as well, as the duo builds the steady groove onwards. It isn't until five minutes in that they give in to the main vocal hook during a quick breakdown before filtering back into the infectious groove they've laid out.

Flip it over and you will find Kasey Taylor's mix. Here Kasey continues to stay true to the deeper side of prog as it kicks off with a simple yet effective groove infected by low synth rumbles. The bass line pulses over a foundation of hypnotic synth pulses as the original vocals float in and out. At just about 3 minutes in, Kasey kicks it back to the kick drum and a simple conga progression as it slowly gains momentum back into the main groove of the record. This mix is a little too similar in taste to the Sleepfreaks rendition for me, as the same dubby, deep nature permeates across this rendition as well. I guess that must be the only reason that I can’t say I totally loved this 2006 set of rehashes. Fans of Greed or this track will most likely have the 2001 mixes (or at least have heard them), and having a new set of remixes that don't really take the original tune in a wild or new direction might make them feel the same as I do. In the terms of the quality of production, there is no doubt that both parties involved are good at what they do and this release does cement that.

So if you were hoping for Kasey Taylor "breaks" mix (a la his Chakra remix on 3 Beat Breaks), or at least something different from the original set of releases, you might find yourself disappointed. But if you are not yet familiar with this catchy prog tune, both the D-Nox & Beckers and Kasey Taylor mixes presented here make for a fine introduction.

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