Artist: Grayarea
Title: Yewminyst / One For The Road (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 18 February 2003
  • A: Yewminyst
  • B: One For The Road (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)

Grayarea "Yewminyst / One For The Road (Gabriel & Dresden Mix)"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

Nosmo, McRae and Ruin. Not the kind of people you'd want your daughters to bring home, but as Grayarea, they have already formed quite a following. It all started back when Sasha played some track called 'One For The Road' at the 2002 Winter Music Conference, and since then the trio have been supported by everyone from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren gathering fans right down the chain to the hardcore vinyl junkies across the globe. With remix offers coming from the likes of Scanners, Burufunk, and Digital Witchcraft, it was only a matter of time before the trio got a track signed to a compilation. The track in question, 'Yewminyst' features on Nick Warren's Global Underground Reykjavik album, and is here for you to own, backed with a remix of the track that started it all by Gabriel and Dresden.

On the a-side we find 'Yewminyst' in all it's unmixed glory. This is one of those tunes that takes no prisoners. From the moment you are lured in by the soft female vocal that melts into the hard hitting percussion things do not let up. Harmonic melodies clash like a meeting of minds with waves of nu skool-esque synth effects as a bass heavy breakbeat percussion line envelopes everything into one mutated mass of aural pleasure. Growling sub bass drives to the surface, pushing the track into a melodic yet devasting build that results in severe mind numbing delight, punishing your soul with it's twisted intention yet easing the pain with the powerful melody. Quite simply one of the most innovative, unconventional tracks you will have heard this year, and perhaps one of very few you will for the rest. An out and out mindf'ck of a track.

The b-side sees Gabriel and Dresden tussle with the already popular 'One For The Road'. They opt for a more stripped back approach during the intro, but this is soon replaced by a rapidly evolving groove that builds and build and builds, then drops, before building upwards once more admist series upon series of key changes. Faint glimmers of the original melody ooze through during the centre of the track, as the last of the key elements of the original kicks through and forces the track into one final solo, shifting into into ovedrive as it crashes off the Interstate. It's Stairway To Heaven, 21st century style, from two guys who live at opposites ends of 'Interstate 5'. This is their 'One For The Road'.

This is merely the start of things to come from Grayarea as they embark on taking their unique live show to anywhere that will provide them with plenty of booze, chicks and debaucherous activities. Already Canada and Miami are set to host the Grayarea experience, so watch out when your own local authorities are foolish enough to let them into your city soon.

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