Artist: Grayarea Feat Erik Shepard
Title: Gravity
Label: Hope Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 25 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix

Grayarea Feat Erik Shepard "Gravity"

Out Now on Hope Recordings

It's been several months since Grayarea's last single 'Yewminyst' found it's way into DJ boxes around the globe, but when cross country tours factor into the equation those things tend to happen. But fear not, hot on the heels of a slew of new remixes they have worked on for labels such as Nu Republic and Silver Planet, the trio of Nosmo, McRae & Ruin return with a new single entitled 'Gravity'. Featuring the vocal talents of Erik Shephard, fellow Chi Town inhabitant and bandmate of McRae in the indie minded Life At Sea, the track marks a departure from previously released material, highlight the many dimensions of not only the sounds Grayarea produce, but also feature in their unique and energetic live shows.

Here in it's original form, the track builds in with a traditional 4/4 percussion section, subtle rhythms edging their way into the groove. Wistful atmospherics and emotive sounds float to the surface, bringing some depth to the groove whilst settling into a constant tempo. Layers of melodic keys begin to shuffle in, drifting over and lifting Erik Shephard's melancholic vocal tones up with each soaring riff that climbs, bass heavy beats that are very much a trademark of the trio pushing the track forward to an uplifting feel good climax that retains Grayarea's ballsy and brash production style, but also highlights the diversity that we can look forward to on their currently in progress artist album.

However, you would be advised to snap up a copy whilst you can as this original version is only available as a limited one sided 12" of which there are only 1000 copies available, complete with numbered poster and stickers, preceding the full release in the summer which be a remix disc featuring mixes by Hybrid and a club mix from Grayarea themselves. In fact, why are you still reading this, go hunt a copy down whilst you can.

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