Artist: Graham & Porter
Title: 3 Days On 35th / Two Days On Lansdowne
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 16 September 2003
  • A: 3 Days On 35th
  • B: Two Days On Lansdowne

Graham & Porter "3 Days On 35th / Two Days On Lansdowne"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

Collaborations are a funny old thing. Some work perfectly well, some don't. Some would appear to be a dream pairing when written on paper, but when they actually happen they don't quite turn out as expected. Sometimes these pairings are given time to occur, and other times they happen during some spare time in a touring dj schedule. This is pretty much how the pairing of John 'Quivver' Graham and Steve Porter came about. 3 days spent on 35th and two days spent on Lansdowne resulted in this Graham and Porter single coming to fruition, but how does this meeting of two of progressive's heavyweight's turn out?

Heading down to 35th first, we are treated to a deep, driving track which focuses on a rippling b-line and pulsating synth effect which keeps the pace moving. Percussive layers and rising beats keep the mood upbeat, but it's not until the later half of the track where some melodies add an extra dimension to an otherwise repetitive track. Not off to a brilliant start.

Meanwhile over on Lansdowne, the duo opt for a more tech influenced route, leading in with a long percussive intro before looped synths and melodic hooks introduce a warbling groove which runs deep within the background. The track then builds, using a series of drops to introduce more synth action and slight melodies, culminating in a breakdown just rip for the peak time. An improvement over the a-side track, but nothing more than you would expect from these two producers.

Both tracks are well produced, but don't really offer anything that pushes Graham or Porter's production skills to a new level. Whilst they are guaranteed to do the job each and every time you pull them out of your record box, there are many other records that do the job just as well and better. I'd say this is more bog bog than boz boz, but if you are a fan of these guys then it's worth checking out.

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