Artist: Graham & Blades
Title: Real
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 15 April 2004
  • A: Vocal Mix
  • B: Topliner Mix

Graham & Blades "Real"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

John Graham is without a doubt one of a handful of producers who have played a major part in helping the progressive music scene to grow over the last ten years or so, so when he teams up with Rowan Blades, one half of the highly acclaimed and sadly now defunct outfit Breeder, it's a potentially heavyweight project that on paper shouldn't be overlooked. 'Real' is the first collaboration between these two producers, the first of several they have worked on, and if reaction to the track so far is anything to go by, it looks as though they are onto a winner.

Layer upon layer of big beat percussion off the 'Vocal Mix', and it's not long before the track's crazy elastic bassline rumbles in under the groove. Chimes and melodies expire on the surface, vocal fills panning back and forth as the bassline deflates, a subtle break leading into main vox section, the breathy female solo falling between the funky synth hooks that are teased into the track as it builds. As the main breakdown hits, the percussion takes over again, spinning into a floaty and upbeat chorus, where the vocal and synth lines intertwine with each other for with damaging results, and whilst there's nothing here that one could class as rocket science, it's an effective track nevertheless.

And if you have an aversion to vocals, the 'Topliner Mix' should more than cater for your taste with its's trippy dub sensibilities, dynamic synth arrangements and of course that that hypnotic top line that hooks you from the moment it enters into the fray. The bassline is left to it's own devices, having been upgraded slightly, deeper percussion rounding off the mix in top fashion, with this interpretation designed specifically to get you moving and grooving, and it's consistent results will more than speak for themselves, as you will find out.

This track doesn't try to hide its unashamedly progressive roots, and comes across what it sets out to be, and that's a fun and funky dancefloor record that will get feet moving and bodies rocking. Both of these producers have put together that doesn't pull no punches, and does what it sets out to do, and it's nice to see two people have the balls to just make music that moves people, rather than music that's up it's own ass. Here's looking forward to their next release already..

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