Artist: Graham & Blades
Title: Argie Bargie
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 11 June 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Innate Mix

Graham & Blades "Argie Bargie"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

When news of John Graham and Rowan Blades collaborating first emerged, many people were curious what this meeting of minds could deliver, after all both of them had highly regarded careers as individual producers in their own right, Graham as Quivver and Blades as part of the production outfit that was Breeder. Their first single 'Real' was a sleeper hit, whilst 'Funky Summa' found it's way into the sets and mixes of the majority of the usual suspects, but 'Argie Bargie' could very well be their biggest success yet.

The original is a solid, groove led piece, with a smooth gradual build setting the mood perfectly for what follows. Popping beats and snares provide the foundation for a splendid topline lead, with subtle use of stutter effects used to introduce layer and key changes into the track, leading into the brilliant old school piano break. As each refrain drives through the speakers, a tremendous sub bass effect ripples through, keeping the energy level at a constant and effective high, as the track slides towards it's close.

A rare remix on the b-side from Innate provides a more stripped back alternative to the peak time madness of the original. Gone are the epic piano refrains and twisted sub bass slides, and in their place lie layers of cut up rhythms and percussion, underpinned by warm beats and tech house grooves. It's a wise direction as instead of trying to compete with the almost faultless original, Innate has instead delivered a great remix that compliments the original rather than detracting from it.

'Argie Bargie' is the best collaboration yet from the pairing of Graham & Blades, and if the reaction so far is anything to go by, is likely to grace more than a few "end of year" lists six months from now when 2007 draws to a close.

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