Artist: Good Livin
Title: Feels So Good
Label: Perc Trax
By: Simon Jones | 26 January 2005
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Perc Dub
  • B2: Feels So Chilled Mix

Good Livin "Feels So Good"

Out Now on Perc Trax

Following on from previous releases from Perc and Avus, Perc Trax bring our attention to an up and coming producer from Ireland named Aaron McClelland. Having already made a dent on the house scene with his superb 'Good Grief' on UMM Records under the name of Yer Man, Aaron follows up with this stunning new track as Good Livin entitled 'Feels So Good.

The 'Original Mix' is a stupendously good house track that brings together elements of electro, house, and even trance, blending them all together and throwing them over a sickening bassline that is pure euphoria. The live sounds and heavy drums give the track massive depth and it peaks in a ball of massive energy. One of the best tracks I've heard in the last few months, and once that will send the crowd mental if the fact I want to get up and dance like a loon every time I hear it is anything to go by.

'Perc' backs it up with a jackin future house interpretation, utilising some innovative synth arrangements and sweeping effects with terrific results. The usual trademarks are all present, and the mix holds it's own against the original well. Followed by a deep and dreamy ambient version called 'Feel So Chilled', and you really can't go wrong. I challenge you to find at least one of these mixes you won't like, as this 12" really does cater for all tastes.

Perc Trax may still be in it's infancy, but in the space of three releases, a lot of ground has been covered. It's not really a label for those who like to be spoon fed, as each release takes a different path to the previous, but if you're looking for an outlet that delivers consistent and quality music, this is the place to start.

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